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Confucius Institute

Mandarin Class

Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield is an international collaboration between the University of Sheffield, the Office of Chinese Language Council International (OCLCI, commonly known as Hanban, Confucius Institute Headquarters), Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) and Nanjing University (NJU).

5 Shearwood Road, Sheffield, S10 2TD

Telephone: 0114 2228332, Fax:0114 2228334, Email: confucius@sheffield.ac.uk, Url: www.sheffield.ac.uk/confucius

Confucius Institute

Books at Sheffield Confucius Institute (SCI)

Books at Sheffield Confucius Institute (SCI)


Mandarin language textbooks can be purchased for
(1). SCI Evening Courses for staff, students and wider communities;
- Chinese in Steps, Vol 1 to Vol 4
- HSK Standard Course book and Workbook

(2). SCI Weekend Courses for school children, i.e. Star Mandarin School;
- Youer Hanyu Vol 1-4
- Zhongwen textbook, Workbook A and Workbook B, Vol 1- Vol 12
- Chinese Paradise, Vol 1 - Vol 3
- Kuaile Hanyu (Happy Chinese) , Vol 1- Vol 3
- My First Chinese Reader, Vol 1 - Vol 4
- Jin Bu, Vol 1 - Vol 2
- Short-term Spoken Chinese, Vol 1- Vol 4

(3). SEAS Non-Specialist Mandarin Chinese.
- Great Wall Chinese, Vol 1 - Vol 6

Please state your course title and which volume to buy at Questionnaires section later on.

After a purchase is made online, the book can be picked up either at the SCI Office located at 7 Shearwood Road, S10 2TD, or at the classroom of your course ONLY on the first session.

Once you have finished your course, we welcome you donate the textbooks back to the office if you no longer want to keep them, however, no refund will be given.

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HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) - 3 Dec 2017

HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) - 3 Dec 2017


HSK Level 1-6 and HSKK Tests

The HSK/ HSKK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is an international standardised Chinese language test to measure the ability of non-native Chinese speakers to communicate in Chinese in daily lives, academic and working settings.

HSK (listening and written) and HSKK (Speaking) can be taken separately.

The test is OPEN to ALL ages and we accept test takers from all places including those beyond Sheffield.

All tests will be taken in Sheffield, at our Test Centre.

Details can be found at: http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/confucius/hsk


Test date: Sunday 3 December 2017

Registration deadline (10 days before): 22nd November 2017.

The test time on the day:

HSK Level 1 14:30

HSK Level 2 12:00

HSK Level 3 13:30

HSK Level 4 09:30

HSK Level 5 13:00

HSK Level 6 09:00 

HSKK Basic, 16:30

HSKK Intermediate, 16:30

HSKK Advanced, 16:30


Test Place: at the CI office or at the SEAS, both located on Shearwood Road, Sheffield S10 2TD.

If you are taking HSK 4 and above, and any of HSKK, you must send a passport-sized photo (jpg file) to confucius@sheffield.ac.uk

Your Test Admission Card detailing your exam time and venue will be emailed to you by 27th November.

On the test day, you can get into the test room half hour earlier. You should have already printed out your Admission Card. If not, we CAN provide a copy for you on the day.

You MUST bring the SAME identification document as you used for registration.

2B pencils and erasers will be provided so that you do NOT need to bring any stationery.


-If you need to cancel your registration, please contact the Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield as soon as possible (0114 2228447).

- If you cancel your registration before the registration deadline, you will receive a full refund

- If you cancel your registration after the registration deadline, no refund will be given.

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Star Mandarin School for Children, aged 3.5 – 18

Star Mandarin School for Children, aged 3.5 – 18


Affiliated to the Confucius Institute, the Star Mandarin School provides Mandarin Chinese language (simplified characters), Arts, Dance, Kung Fu and Math courses to children and young people, aged 3.5-18 from all walks of life, in Sheffield and surrounding areas.

Open on Saturdays during school term time, at Bartolome House, School of Law, University of Sheffield, Winter Street, Sheffield S3 7ND

All levels and language backgrounds welcome! Children are grouped according to their existing knowledge of Chinese. Two streams of Mandarin courses are offered: for Chinese-heritage children and for English-speaking children.

New Beginners' Classes are offered every September. This year we start from Saturday 16th September 2017.
For Chinese-heritage speakers
* Foundation for 3.5-5 years olds: 09:15-10:45 or 11:30–13:00
* Reception, for >5 years old: 09:00-11:00 or 11:15-13:15 or 1:45-3:45pm

For English-speaking children
* Foundation for 3.5-5 years olds: 11:30–13:00
* Reception for 5-7 years olds:1:45-3:45pm
* Beginners for >8 years olds: 1:45-3:45pm

* Beginners for Parents/Guardians: 1:45-3:45pm

NOTE: Minimum 5 enrolments are required for a class to open.

Length of one course:
2h/w each
All levels of Mandarin Language courses(9:00-11:00; 11:15-1:15; 1:45-3:45)

1.5h/w each
Foundation classes for children aged 3.5-5, similar to a nursery setting (9:30-11:00; 11:30-1:00)

1.5h/w each
Drawing and Sketch/Arts (9:15 -10:45; 11:15 – 12:45; 1:30-3:00)

1.5h/w each
Math at Y1-2, Y3, Y4-5 and Y6, (11:15 – 12:45; 1:30 - 3:00)

1h/w each
Math at 3:00-4:00pm Dance and Kung Fu (1:45 – 2:45pm, 3:00 - 4:00pm)

1h/w each
Parents' Dance and Yoga/Health Qi-Gong, 1h/w (10:20-11:10; 11:20-12:10; 12:20-13:10)

2h/w each
Mandarin for Parents and Guardians (11:15 – 13:15; or 1:45-3:45)

Fee Rates:
Standard fee: £2.5/h
Concession fee: £2/h
(for the second child from the same family; or for the same child who takes non-Mandarin classes) Fee rate for parents/guardians: £3/h

Term dates:
16 September 2017 – 14 July 2018 (34 weeks)

Fees are collected either for a term or for a year. If paid for the whole year (3 terms) in September 2017, 10% discount already applied.

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Survival Chinese, 18th-22nd September 2017

Survival Chinese, 18th-22nd September 2017


The course is open to people from all walks of life, including staff, students and general public.

Survival Chinese, 5 Evening Course for Beginners

• Monday to Friday, 5-evening course
• Suitable for absolute beginners
• Experienced tutors
• Introduction to Chinese language
• Focus on Everyday situations and listening/speaking skills

All materials will be provided in class.

Dates: 18th-22nd September 2017
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: Language Lab, School of East Asian Studies (next to the Confucius Institute office), 9 Shearwood Road, S10 2TD

“Survival Chinese” will be refunded if the same student continues to take 12-week Beginners Mandarin course, starting from the week commencing 25th September 2017, evening classes at 7-9pm.

Refund will ONLY take place after 3 weeks into the University Semester, i.e. after 9th October 2017.

If you have any further queries about the course, please contact the Confucius Institute at 0114 2228447


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HSK/HSKK course

One-to-one Private Mandarin Language Tuition



1-to-1, meeting individual specific demands
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